Monday, February 07, 2005

...and here I am again...against my will, of course...

I have developed a serious blog problem. Not the" I have a blog" sort of problem. That might be easier. No, I am spending precious knitting time reading blogs. And one leads into another and another until I have read at least half of the knitting bloggiverse and there is no time left to knit or to sleep or clean or...well, you get the idea. I suppose it'd be easier if I could knit whilst I read, but current wip requires following a pattern yet-to-be-committed to memory. I need a simple sock, I suppose. A foofy scarf (I avoid these like the plague after hemorrhaging them last fall.) A simple stockinette stitch sweater knit in the round. But no...

I did finish a few things recently and might actually figure out how to post their pics when I get off the laptop and onto the big 'puter where all said pics are stored. I have a lovely shawl in Fiesta Yarn's
La Boheme in the Sapphire colorway with Rowan's Lurex Shimmer in Navy and Amethyst added to the very heavy fringe. I am enamoured of this shawl! I don't even wear this sort of thing and I adore it. I feel like a princess in it.

Using Prime Alpaca in black, 3 stranded, I completed the beanie in S'n'B Nation for dh, along with a pair of Natalyas out of the same. Added a suede mitten palm patch as these are for work. Yeah, alpaca for work...this is Northern Michigan where it can be -30F in the morning some days, when he's working in an unheated area on sensitive electronics and needs his fingers free to work (and free of frostbite.) These babies are just the ticket. I am putting the link to the pattern in here as these have found a place in my heart and everyone should have access to this fabulous pattern!

Natalyas and beanie

On the heels of this screaming success I managed to ignore the other wips languishing in the basket and cast on for a pair of fingerless gloves (wristers, wristlets, wrist warmers...whatever) for myself. There were two of the most luscious little yarn muffins (don't they look like muffins? I think so...) of balled Koigu
KPPPM color 118A sitting atop my bookshelf, defying me to figure out what they should become. And indeed, they are now a pair of self-designed, cabled wristers for moi. I love how something that has such goth overtones can be so cute and useful on me.

And just minutes after I finished washing, blocking and drying them, the UPS guy showed up (no, not with yarn...sadly) and gushed over my accomplishment! (What good taste. He obviously knows knitting and knitters.) He showed me his self-designed wristers too...old work gloves with the fingers ripped off. I decided then and there that he should have a freshly knitted pair. Headed off to the LYS and found that Mission Falls 1824 makes a color that should be called UPS brown. Washable. And easier to knit on size 6 dpns than the size 2 that the Koigu demanded. Glove #1 almost done...glove #2 cast on and ribbing in size 4s. (I was recovering from surgery just before Christmas and forgot to tip the guy...I hope these make up for it a bit...)

Made a foofy scarf (okay, I lied before) for a sweet young thing/friend of ds whom I'm teaching to knit. Used Lion
Fun Fur in Rainbow along with their Glitterspun in Black. Just a simple thing...c/o 9 stitches on size 13s, knit 4 rows,* knit 1, y/o* next row, knit across dropping all y/os next row, knit 4 rows...etc. She said it made her feel beeyooteefull! Okay, I guess that sort of response is worth it...

So there's a whole bunch of information logged into cyberspace. I truly have no idea why I'm doing this (I suppose that thi
s is as easy a way to keep a knitting journal as any other) other than the original reason I wound up here, but fwiw, here I am, here it is...


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