Friday, February 25, 2005

"Goin' to the Chapel and we're...gonna get maaaaaarried..."

Wedding planning continues apace. An overnight trip to Saginaw netted a look-see at the very old (1832AD) church where the wedding will be held, a meeting with His Most Reverend Doctor Pastor Holy Moley (this is how he actually introduced himself. I'm not sure this is a legal title/job description...), a reception site, catering, flowers, photography, tuxedos, music and leads on limo, cake and all the rest. Eventful. I got to meet the soon-to-be sil's mom and grandparents (adopt me, Marta and Lee!) A good time was had by all despite the fact that my checkbook hemorrhaged profusely all day.

Today we attempted to order wedding invites now that we have a place to invite folks to. No more wedding stuff for tonight. I'm pooped.

Here's a little something I ran across in my wanderings today and I wanted to put it in here so I could find it when I got around to actually doing it. I love the idea of Self Portrait Day. This is clearly one of the more inventive memes online.

Self-Portrait Day

I hope to join once I get the courage to actually launch this blog (and when we actually have the return of the big 'puter which has now been ailing for almost a week.) The computer doctor has not been entirely truthful with us about what's wrong, what caused the problems or when we might expect resolution (only to say that he's found information but it doesn't seem to be in the folders it once was. Just wonderful. This is our entire business we're talkin' about here...) Lord, please fix it!...please?

Still too much sickness at the house. I'm on day 7 of the antibiotics and don't feel one bit better. Ick. OTOH, we had almost 9" of new snow and it feels more like winter which always cheers me. I'm one of those crazy Northern Michiganders who actually believes that winter here was meant to be cold and snowy...

Almost finished with the boring back to my sweater. I love knitting with the Natura yarn even though it has some acrylic in it (it's 30% wool, 30% alpaca, 37% acrylic and 3% little colorful viscose slubs.) It's really inexpensive, soft, doesn't split easily. Who could complain about this yarn? ...except that I promised myself I'd knit it in pieces according to the pattern and actually seam it instead of warping the pattern into the round like I usually do. Just want to see what it's like, y' I'm bored knitting across, then purling across. The upside of this is that my purling speed has doubled, easily, and my tension has evened out. A tossup, I s'pose. I did decide that I needed to add a single cable up the front for some contrast (or to alleviate the excruciating boredom I experienced whilst knitting the back...) so I factored in a 12 stitch plait. I was concerned for how the cabling would affect the fit if I threw more than one in. I did some math and wound up increasing by 9 extra stitches after the garter edging. This should compensate for the pulling together of the plait. Once I reach the top I will knit one or two rows plain and do the decrease right under the garter neck edging. Or not...we'll see how it works out, I suppose.

Enough tonight. I think I'll go snuggle a puppy for a while...


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