Friday, March 04, 2005

Could computers be more frustrating?

I've been holding off on posting for several days trying to get all the computer programs back in place so that I can start posting photos. Naturally, when we lost all the information from 12/28 forward, everything I had taken pictures of all disappeared as well. Some of those items have found their way to their new homes and will be photographically lost to me forever, most likely. Ah, computerland.

Additionally, the program that I use to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer has gone missing, so all the new pics I managed to take are languishing on a little chip waiting to be transferred to the computer...someday.

Now see, I don't mind reading someone's blog that has miles and miles of writing (assuming it holds my interest) without too many pictures, but a) not too many people are as weird as I, and b) I am simply not that compelling a writer. So photos it must be. I've downloaded Picasa (a fabu program, if you haven't looked into it yet) and its Blogger interface, Hello. So why aren't the pictures imminently forthcoming? Well, it seems that Hello sends a confirming email to you before it'll let you play. I've been waiting 45 minutes almost two hours now for that email. I've tried it twice three five times. Double Triplechecked the email addy. Where the **** is my verifying email???

Okay, so when this alleged email shows up, I will begin inserting pictures...I hope.

Edited in later: found the photo thingie and finished the UPS guy's RAOK's proof:

UPS guy gloves

Whoo Hoo!!!!


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