Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A good day for up...

Good evening fellow knitters. You're probably all wondering why I've asked you here...

Just kidding! (I've always wanted to say that). Now that everyone is thoroughly confused, let me introduce myself. I'm Snooze's dd, Kate (a.k.a. Bridezilla, bride-to-be, Kiki, and hosts of other nicknames) Tonight, I have taken over mom's blog.

I'm a fairly new knitter, but I've already come to love it and be addicted to it (I swore I wouldn't be! But it can't be helped; I'm a third generation knitter. It's in my blood, so I finally caved to my yarn hoarding, sock knitting, knitting blog reading desires...who am I to argue with genetics??). My first official FO (Dulaan hats don't count; they were more for practice) is a pair of baby socks for my friend, Christin. They are the most darling things and have been known to (on occasion) cause me to squeal with delight. The only thing that will make them better is when I see them on the baby's tiny feet. I'm sure that when this moment comes, it will involve more squealing.

My current project is a lovely gray sweater for my fiancé, Mike. I've heard all of the boyfriend horror stories, but I think we're gonna be fine. Mike isn't the heart-breaking, sweater stealing type. He's the kind of guy who picks me wild flowers, allows me to tell him (in great detail) about anything and everything that is on my mind or heart, patiently tells me the names of the star-constellations again and again because I simply cannot remember them, and lets me walk through haunted houses behind him with my arms around his waist, and my face buried in the back of his shirt, so I will feel safe and not-so scared. He's just that wonderful =) that everyone is gagging, I think my work here is done.

I'm really excited about hearing everyone's ideas for the father/daughter dance song! Dad and I have been arguing about this for two months now. My darling brother, Nick-o, has been wonderful with suggestions, but as I have tried to gently tell him, 'Baby Got Back' and 'Pimp Juice' just aren't quite what I'm looking for. I am following the comments on the post; for those of you who are bashful about leaving comments, mom has graciously supplied her e-mail =) sgrougan at gtlakes dot com.

I'll be stopping in for another random post sometime in the near future,
until then keep knitting; keep smiling; and remember, there is always room for Jell-O =D

Tonight's posting has been brought to you by!....

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You're one of those know-it-all types, with an amazing amount of knowledge at your command. People really enjoy spending time with you in very short spurts, but hanging out with you for a long time tends to bore them. When folks really need an authority to refer to, however, you're the one they seek. You're an exceptional speller and very well organized.

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(I forced mom into taking this quiz...oddly enough this was the result. She was less than amused, though I'm pretty sure she's knows just about every word in it (This is to her credit =) *giggles* I love you mom. Thanks for giving me free reign of the blog for tonight *hugs*)


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous annie pie said...

*nods solemnly* Yes. I would buy you a monkey.


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