Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hump Day Meme

Found this in my email today. I don't usually do these things b/c I haven't the patience to do the cut'n'paste answer thingie. Dunno why it caught my fancy today except that I'm up after only 3.5 hours sleep and on my way to the hospital to have an ECG, and it seemed like the thing to do.

  1. What time did you get up this morning ? 6:25am
  2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds all the way!
  3. What was the last film you saw? The Hulk...on TV as I walked through the room
  4. What is your favorite TV show? TLC's "A Makeover Story"
  5. What did you have for breakfast? Coffee and Armour Thyroid
  6. Beach or mountains? Beach
  7. What is your favorite cuisine? Junk...I mean...Thai
  8. What foods do you dislike? Junk...I mean...yeah...junk
  9. What are your favorite Potato chips? Lay's Salt & Vinegar...
  10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Souljahz
  11. What kind of car do you drive? 2003 Buick Rendezvous
  12. Favorite sandwich? BLT on toast
  13. What characteristics do you despise? Insincerity, false humility
  14. What is your favorite item of clothing? Long-sleeved gray cotton t-shirt
  15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Paris
  16. What color is your bathroom? Lavender
  17. Favorite brand of clothing? Anything I knit
  18. Where would you like to retire to? My house in the woods – with no mortgage
  19. Favorite time of day? 1:45am
  20. Where were you born? Newark, NJ
  21. Favorite sport to watch? Figure skating
  22. What fabric detergent do you use? The kind in a huge 40# bucket from Sam's
  23. Coke or Pepsi? Neither...don't drink any sodas
  24. Are you a morning person or night owl? Morning...right before I go to
  25. What is your shoe size? 8.5
  26. Do you have any pets? Maggie (my other child sweet Basenji/Golden Lab mix), Timothy, Puffalump and Riley, the 3 most ADHD kitties in the world
  27. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with your family and friends? The same exciting news I always share: Jesus Christ is Lord!
  28. What did you want to be when you grew up? A mom...really
  29. Do you have a favorite quote? "My Grace is sufficient for thee"
  30. What's your favorite color? Gray
  31. What's your favorite sport to play? Basketball
  32. What's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Water...really
  33. Favorite Teacher? Tony Freda...Sparta HS
  34. What's your sign? No parking
  35. What's your Birthday? Something I don't get to celebrate since I gave birth to a child on the very same day!
  36. Red or White Wine? No alcohol since 1984
  37. Favorite genre of music? Classical (Mendelsohn), Christian Rap (KJ52, John Reuben)
  38. Favorite alcoholic beverage? No alcohol since 1984
  39. Do you EBay? You betcha
  40. Do you own a digital camera? Yep
  41. Silver or Gold? Gold
  42. Black or White? Black
  43. Ever go skinny dipping? Nope. Even if I did, I'd hafta make 2
  44. Ever go sky diving? Not yet!
  45. How long have you lived in your current home? 6.5 years
  46. What's the most important quality a friend has to have? Saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ...I want my friends with me for eternity!
  47. Do you cook? After 3 meals x 3 times/day x 20+ years, I avoid it as often as I can! (Kids can cook now too...)
  48. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
  49. How do you take your coffee? ...strong, light and sweet
  50. What time is it now? 7:35am. My heart has not started beating yet...
  51. Country or City? Out in the woods!
Hey...does this qualify as 51 of 100 things about me? (I hope not...there's so much more to me than my favorite piece of clothing...duh.)

In knitting news, I finished my first Dulaan hat last night (great photos to follow after the doc appt today...I think I've got it figured out how to do this) following Norma's pattern. Curiously,there is, in my possession, a very old hat knitted by my mama (she's been gone since 1993) made in mohair, huge and pulled out of shape, but made in exactly the same way! DS has been asking me to make another like it to fit him, and I told him I'd need to think about a pattern. Voila...thanks, Norma! All I need to do is make it a few stitches larger to fit his big teenaged head!


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