Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm so excited...I just can't hide it.....

After anguishing and driving poor Julie absolutely nuts about the problems I was having getting my code together (and no, that's not a euphemism, but now that I think about it, it could be ) and after twenty four hours of our ISP being down, gone, unuseable, incommunicado, I returned online this morning to find that I had been officially inducted into what I consider the best online soro/fraternity in the knitting world: the Knitting Bloggers ring! Call me silly, but I danced around the house for long enough that even the cats thought I had taken leave of my senses and steered clear of me for hours.

We're in the process of selling our business. Dh has gone to work for the company that's buying the assets of our company. No one's sleeping around here much as we're trying to pull 6 years of info and contracts together to be turned over this week. Additionally, dh has been working 10 hour days in the field and then coming home to pore over the desk for another 6 or 7 hours. Compound that with the stress of the temporary death of the computer and you can understand why we've been hoping for Xanax (or accountants and secretaries) to fall from the sky and land in our living room. I remind myself that this too shall pass...and then the bills will be paid and there will be peace (and more yarn.)

In knitting news, I spent two hours with three 12yo Girl Scouts and their leader this evening, teaching them the basics of the craft. From jump street. We even made the needles ourselves. They did least it seemed that way. We'll see next week. Meantime, I emailed them all the website info I had on learning how to knit. They all appeared to be motivated, but in that way kids have, were horribly disappointed when they couldn't start making a scarf tonight. We're still working on casting on and knit stitch. And I'm still chuckling at the horrified looks they displayed when I told them to pull all the stitches off and cast on again. I think they were expecting the thing to morph into a sweater in their hands. All in times, ladies...

The lovely blue sweater has a finished front and back and 7" of two (count 'em! 2!) sleeves.

Predictably, it was not finished for the homeschool conference (during which I was sick as the proverbial dog but managed to sell 90% of my used curriculum, thereby putting yarn money in my pocket.) I'm hustling on it now as it was 40F here today. Can spring be far behind? (We had 5" of snow Saturday. Who am
I kidding?)

Dd has started a sweater for her fiance. Although I know the bf sweater story, I can't bring myself to believe that there will be trouble here. She has a sizeable diamond on her finger and the groom is champing at the bit to get married. I think it'll be okay. The wedding's only 3.5 months away.Here's the fun button she made...
Image hosted by
It will be okay, right...? I'm really proud of her. She's become a knitting addict, just like her dear old mum.

Tomorrow I will find time to figure out how to use a program that my kids use for posting photos to their online journals, and there will be pictures of many things...things I haven't even ever mentioned here...things I knitted before I knew there was blog! Things I wanna see on my computer screen! Beautiful knitty things! I promise!

Happy Spring!


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