Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lots of photos and a hard lesson learned...

This is Riley and the Norma Dulaan hat in progress. Riley believes that any time yarn of any sort hits a horizontal surface, he is obligated to lay his furry body atop it, adding to its warmth and furry-ness. I, on the other hand believe that this will be taking a Eucalan bath before it leaves my possession.

This is the Dulaan in progress without Riley. Much easier to knit when he's somewhere else.

This is the completed hat. Made from double stranded Lamb's Pride worsted, it was fun and quick to make. Now viewing: side 1: is this the outside, or the inside?

Now viewing: side 2: other outside? or the other inside? I can't tell. Either way, it's cute!

Dd Kate wanted in on the Dulaan-ing, and so contributed: Baby Dulaan, a multicolored Encore baby-sized hat...

...aaaaand the stripe-y Dulaan hat, made from Lamb's Pride worsted and Mountain Colors and very warm and toasty.

After reading what Norma had to say about cold today, and having awakened to an outside temp of -18F myself, I purpose to knit more, and make sure the things I knit for this project are super cozy and warm. I cannot imagine being without warmth when I need/want it, can't imagine what it must be like to have to walk or work in that kind of cold all winter long. Warm. Thankful.

And the hard lesson? Well, I actually had this post totally composed and ready to roll yesterday, when I did something simple and stupid...hit the backspace...and the post wasn't saved. More than an hour of my time wasted. Aaaargh. I'm beginning to have a new appreciation for the frustration people have when they mention disappearing posts. I hereby promise myself to save the blasted thing in draft mode before exiting the page. Now let's hope I remember.


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