Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Prizes and obligatory (but cute) pet photos

Here are two boxes all taped and prettied up for a trip to the post office:

This is what's in the little box: Nancy's yarn and stitch markers, awarded for so graciously contributing to my very first contest...which she won. The Cascade 220 is wool, but it's still chilly up north....note the white stuff in the background. Yup. That's snow. On my lawn. Still.

This is Ashley's scarf (in the bigger took up more room) knit up from some black mircofibre and something I found at Yarn Quest in Traverse City, called "Funny" by SandnesGarn (I'm guessing somewhere Norway-ish?) on size 13s. Ash doesn't knit yet, because she is a college student who will be modelling this summer, and is majoring in ?biology? I think, and does research, and is at the top of her class and has about 18 minutes in her day to actually sleep....but someday there could be knitting.... Ashley was dd's very best buddy when they were 5.

I am still waiting on the other entrants, Colleen, Marianne and Emy, to get in touch with me so I can send them their stitch markers as well. I'm prompt about sending stuff out, really I am. Give me an addy and I'll send you the stitch markers!

And now for something completely different:

The reason(s) I own a Dyson 'Animal' vacuum cleaner and use it every day...

I got up early today (6am. I have fibromyalgia and am awake until 2 or 3am most nights, so for me to be up at this time of morning is miraculous. Or insane. Or both.) It was chilly in the house and I found all four animals huddled in the living room just feet away from the woodstove, probably praying for someone to come make a fire. They all looked so cute I figured I'd take pictures and introduce them to my blog.

Blog, meet my animals. Pets, meet my blog. (Remember, I didn't get much sleep...sorry.)

This is Maggie. She is my third child. She was dumped (can you imagine anyone dumping puppies!?) in the woods near our home. Dh brought her home. I said she could stay until the shelter opened again on Monday. That was in April 1999.

Turns out the same people dumped 4 puppies in various spots around our township and all eventually found homes and were taken to the local vet, so we found out from him that she is 1/2 Basenji (barkless South African hound) and 1/2 Golden Lab. She's about 45 pounds of majorly spoiled puppy. She does bark (the Lab side) but when you wrestle with her, or when she's forbidden to bark, she yodels. Yep. Yodels. Sounds just like it. I was a cat person until Maggie came into my life. Once she's gone, there may never be another dog. But until that time, I am completely owned by this pooch.

This is Puff, short for Puffalump. She was named by a 5yo (dd) and is now almost 14 years old. She is not dead, contrary to the way the photo looks. Katy picked her out of a box in front of a Meijer's grocery store in 1991. Apparently the kittens had been abused. Dd was the only one who could touch her for many years. She hid under the bed for about 3 years. She was always strictly an indoor cat. Several years ago she began really pushing to go outside. Turns out she's a major mouser and has cleared the property of field mice, gophers, moles, shrews and all the other things that eat my gardens and wander through my kitchen drawers in the winter. For reasons we may never know, around about the same time she started to be affectionate. Perhaps there is a connection. Living in the country and running around outside has been very good for her. She's healthy and strong for her age.

(This next bit is PG-13 rated...a warning.)

When she was about 3 years old, and we had not yet had her spayed (I know....but she was an indoor cat) she was going through an almost constant heat. One day a friend came over to borrow some tools and saw Puff yowling and rubbing her fanny up against the wall. "What's up with her?" he inquired. I replied, "She needs a man!" Turned out he had a papered Himalayan, roughly 8 months old. We left them alone for an afternoon and came home to find them lying on one of the beds smoking a cigarette.(Just kidding....) Nine weeks later Puff had three of the largest kittens I have ever seen.

And this is one of them.

This is Timothy, now 9 years old. Timmy is the most ill-tempered animal I have ever had the displeasure to know. He costs me a fortune as he requires professional grooming every 8 weeks. He hates almost everyone. He weighs about 20 pounds and does NOT like to be picked up. He's actually ds's cat and spends his days sleeping on Nick's bed. When he decides to be lovey, there's no cat so delightful. So here he remains. There's more to his story, but for some other time.

Riley is the baby of the family, just 2 years old this month.

We acquired him to be given as a gift to a young friend who had recently lost her cat. This was a hush-hush sort of thing, where she knew we were going to 'surprise' her with a kitten, and assured us that her parents were perfectly okay with her having another cat. They were not. We were NOT well received and we and the kitten were summarily dismissed.

Katy decided that she needed a ginger cat, so I was conned into welcoming yet another animal in my very small house.

Curiously, Riley has wound up being dh's cat. He waits for Scott to come home from work and greets him at the door. He 'helps' him take a shower, pawing at the shower door trying to help dh 'escape' from the evil water. He talks! Lots...and loudly. He rises with the sun and wants everyone to be up with him (he's the real reason I wound up getting up at 6am today.)

There's my four-footed family. I was a condo dweller for years and never planned on having children or pets. Surprise!

And now I am going to finish the sleeves on my lovely blue sweater. While it's currently 61F here, we are anticipating snow flurries by Friday morning. This *is* northern Michigan, and it *is* only March, after all. And if I hurry, I will be wearing it by Friday. Actually. I hope.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Ha! I can see how that "Monday morning" with Maggie stretched into many, many moons. What a sweetheart! Very fun to meet your pets. I think I'd really like a Dyson someday (one dog and three cats here, also). Good luck with your lovely blue. (We had our first thunderstorm of the season in NE Wisconsin this afternoon.)

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Annie-Pie said...

Puffalump loves me! SHE LOVES ME! Doesn't she? Maybe she doesn't? Why doesn't she love me? PUFFALUMP, COME BACK!

*bursts into tears*

oh, and I miss Maggie.

At 2:13 AM, Anonymous marianne said...

that pic of Puffalump (what a great name, by the way!) is priceless!
I sent you an email!


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