Thursday, April 21, 2005

Am I losing my mind? or simply my posts?

Just a quick note to express my extraordinary frustration at what may be some ugly synergy between Blogger and...Netscape? For reasons I can't account for, when I try to open my blog, it immediately redirects me to the Dashboard part of the site. I've tried viewing other Blogger accounts and some of them load just fine...others :::redirect me back to my own Dashboard:::: This is weird beyond words and annoying beyond comprehension.

Here's one other little piece of weirdness: if I input the address as, it brings up the current page with no problem. If I attempt to reload the page, it sends me back to square one, the Blogger Dashboard. Whaaaat's goin' on? Anyone?

I've been toying with the idea of moving my blog and this about cements it for me. What I'd like to ask from anyone who reads this and doesn't use Blogger: (and please send your answers to my email as I can't get into the comments at this point. Oh...did I mention that...?)

  1. What do you use?
  2. What does it cost/year (I've steeled myself to the fact that it'll cost me. Ya get whatcha pay for...)
  3. Are you happy with it?
  4. What is the ease of use?
  5. What features does it have that you like most?
  6. If you were in my position, would you choose your blog host again? Or would you move?
  7. If you'd move, why? And where would you go?

As you can tell, I'm ready. I haven't said any bad words yet, but it's getting close, so I'd like to move before I say anythnig I'll have to repent of...

Thanks in advance to all who respond. Please email your answers to: sgrougan at alarmguy dot net


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Christina said...

My thoughts:
1) I use typad's blogging service
2) I pay $8 and change a month. They do have a lower priced plan as well.
3) I'm very happy with Typepad. It's a bit slow sometimes, but it's ease of use makes up for any slowness.
4) It is very, very easy to use. I am completely HTML deficent but typepad does all the hard stuff for you.
5) I like that the features allow me to change the look easily. As well as the fact that it's very easy to add pictures and edit my text.
6) If your really that unhappy with your service I would try out a some other plans before changing. I know Typepad offered a free one month trial. I would think that most plans do. That way you can be sure your getting what you want.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger JinxedMinx said...

I have a blogger account, but I opened only to help host SP4. :)

1) I use Moveable Type for editing, and I own my domain name. (
2) About $15 annual for the name registration, then my hosting is $30 per quarter, care of Blogomania(
3) Love. It. Christine, the owner of the hosting service, is terrific. And Moveable Type is pretty nifty to work with.
4) I find it fairly simple, although I admit some of the bells and whistles on my site were done by a friend.
5) My biggest comment in favor of owning a domain is that you can host photos sooooo much easier. Took me endless time to find a way via blogger. I have plenty of space, and room to grow, as it were. :)
6) I like my current host - my site doesn't get tons of traffic, so right now it fits me perfect. A friend started me there, then he had to move because his site gets a LOT more traffic than mine, and he outgrew it. But I'd stand up for Blogomania anytime - they are really good.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger urraca said...

It happened to me too (with Firefox). I cleaned everything (cache, historial, cookies, etc.) and it worked again.

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous abby said...

I use typepad too, and love it. I did my layout and the one for Southern Fried Knitting. Both of us have the $8/month plan.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Snooze said...

Thanks, all. I appreciate the input. I'm still here at Blogger, but I'm looking into a move...



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