Friday, April 22, 2005

But can it do this...?

For reasons I cannot comprehend, Blogger has suddenly decided to right itself and point my address back to my blog instead of to the dashboard. So now, it works with and without the www. part. Go figure.

Dh went shopping for milk and came home with a mondo laptop for me. In case there weren't enough computers in this house. No, really. There is a server, two desktops, an Ipaq and three laptops. Obviously, we're short one, because that leaves one of the four people and four animals without some way of getting online. Really.

I am simply blown away. And in the dark, mainly because I have to learn how to use a new machine. The old one really is old (simpler, I guess I should say) and this one has functions the old one couldn't even imagine. Thank you, my Scottie. I love it.

It has a new logo. Another button...that makes two! See here:
Image hosted by
I feel so rich. And now it needs a name.

Thanks to everybody who responded to my plea for new bloghost info. (Did you notice that the word bloghost has the word ghost in it? All the problems and issues are beginning to become clear to me.) As soon as I can get my head around the enormity of the task, I will be moving. I will leave a forwarding address. I hope.

So now I'm gonna go play with my new laptop and customize all the cool stuff on it. You'll be hearing more from me now that it's easier to do (and now that Blogger is being agreeable again...)

Thanks again, sweetie. I can't believe you gave me this!


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

Ahh - blogger is a little warped - the other day mine kept redirecting to my dashboard when I wanted to view the blog! I was so frustrated til my honey suggested clearing the cache, which seemed to solve the problem... try it next time you get one of the blogger oddities, maybe it'll work! ;)


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