Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm so over it...

Am I the only one who has of late been distressed and confounded by Blogger? I realize that this is a free service, and for that I am appreciative. But frequent incidents over the course of the past few weeks have been infuriating. I have wasted more time trying to post/edit/etc. than any one person of good sense oughta. Perhaps this is a ploy by Blogger to get us to purchase upgraded service? (Does Blogger offer a paid upgrade? I dunno...) On the other hand (and there's always an other hand...) I have learned more about html than I ever had any intention of learning. In fact, through a little bit of intelligent source viewing, I managed to recover my lost archives! (But where did they go for so long? How and why did they disappear? Anyone?)

So anyway, I was running errands in town w/dd when I spotted the local thrift shop. I commented to Katy, "Ya never know when you just might score some great yarn in there!" She cynically replied, "Mom, this is Grayling. No one here knits with anything but Red Heart, present company excluded." Even so, I decided to stop. And to my great delight there was.... yarn. But there were some fabulous books! This represents 4/6ths of the total. Two books are on my shelf: Melanie Falick's Knitting in America and another one of the Vogue books that has 30+ patterns with cables, which are my present passion.

This first one was printed in 1954 and has Stitchy McYarnpants' name on it, if she wants it and sends me her addy to mail it. I've emailed her, and if I don't hear back, or she declines, it'll be up for grabs.
Image hosted by

Here are three books which I would like to see given, free, to good homes...
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This is a page spread shot out of the Design Knitting book:

Image hosted by

This is a page spread out of the Vogue book:

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And this is out of the Fashion Knitting for Children book:

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Send me your request (email addy on the sidebar) and mailing address. One per customer, unless I only have one customer, then you get the whole lot. And if there are multiple requests for the same book, I'll random draw it. These are surprisingly cool books...dated, but then, everything old is new again, eh?

And one more photo for the fans (that's you, Mike): dd Katy, sitting in front of the woodstove (in which there, yes, is a fire currently) working diligently on the previously mentioned fiance sweater. Those sleeves are coming along just fine, thanks for asking. (I wish mine were as quick to knit. Bah.) She goes today to have her wedding gown tomorrow. (Mike, this is the last post you can read until April archives. Really.)
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I'd like to get the books mailed out no later than the 20th of April, so if you'd like one, please let me know.

And now I'm heading back to raking the woods.....


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, I never find any yarn in my neck of the woods, either! I've come up with an interesting book or two, though, too. Someday the yarn boat will come in!


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