Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm usually late...(flashing)...and two exciting things...

First, an addendum and apology (these usually come at the end of something, but we're dealing with Blogger and Bloglines here and, well, you know how it is...)

See, Blogger and photos sometime have issues...even though importing photos into a post can be accomplished several ways. But last night after over an hour of annoyance with the easier and more reasonable Photobucket, and being largely unsuccessful, I returned to the tedious method of import/post/cut/paste/delete/publish that Picasa/Hello/Blogger entails.

And what do you suppose happened riiiight in the middle of my performing this act? Well, you've seen it if you read this through Bloglines. Yep. Bloglines updated whilst I had these raw photos post after post...which of course, have since been deleted, but Bloglines will NEVER let me forget. So, please pay no attention to the yarn behind that curtain. Skip through all the single photos with their 'Hello' logo attached. This is the post I intended to write. It's long. It has lots of pictures. Thank you.

Second, the exciting things:

Exciting thing 1. This afternoon after almost a year of negotiating and extraordinary expense, not to mention lots of ladders and what looks like a George Forman 'Lean Mean Grillin' Machine' on my roof, high speed internet has arrived in my neck of the (literal) woods. We had to take a tower up about 45' but I can download with the best of 'em now! So there will be more photos. Today.

Exciting thing 2. Finally. I am thrilled and in stitches (the laughing kind...)

Third, the always late part...between ADHD and fibromyalgia (and the fact that I'm almost 52 with two teenaged kids...), I have absolutely NO sense of time and I just offer blanket (albeit) sincere apologies before most events, knowing that I will be screamin' through the door later than I really wanna be. I have never seemed to to be able to gain control over it. (I do not speed, however. I have learned that this can actually make you later than you might already have been.) (Don't ask me how I know.) (I promised him I wouldn't tell on him.)

So this is my four-days-late flash your stash exposure. Though I tried, everybody here seemed to want dinner and would not let me take everything out and catalogue my stash (some of the stash flashes were so organized. Why can't I be like that?) (Oh yeah...I remember now.) They only let me open the drawers and show the top layers of what's in there. So, FWIW....

This is as much of my knitting library as I could fit into one photo. I am book obsessive (last count my personal library exceeded 4200 volumes, and the only fiction was either classic, or Christian s/f (yes, there is a genre!)

In drawer #1 we have Lamb's Pride. There's actually enough in here for the Marketsquares bag and several pairs of felted slippers. That's a little bit of Paton's wool peeking out from the back.

Drawer #2 contains assorted wools and wool blends. There's Lorna's Laces in sockweight, Mission Falls for another pair of working fingerless gloves ala the UPS guy's RAOK pair, Wool Gatto in several pale colors, Mountain colors (Flathead Cherry for those of you who know your Mountain Colors) and 3 or 4 skeins of aran weight Cashmerino in the back. The black stuff in the front is the remains of a hank of exquisite Prime Alpaca in black from which I made dh's Natalyas and cabled hat.

Drawer #3 seems to contain a lot of sock yarn. The lovely muffin on top is Mountain Colors Bearfoot sockweight in 'Indian Corn'. Lamb's Pride Wildefoote, Sockotta, Opal, and hidden under all this, Fortissima Colori, Kroy's sock yarn (2 other colors) some Sidar Denim and...hmm, I'm not sure what else. They kept nagging at me for dinner. (My family...not the yarn...)

Drawer #4 contains assorted wool/blends. There are 5 skeins of Plymouth Baby Brush Alpaca that was an impulse buy (what the heck am I gonna make with 5 skeins? Of course, that's all they I bought it all. Suggestions?) Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in more colors than are showing, a bag holding Paton's, Cascade 220 and Lamb's Pride awaiting being made into a MagKnits/Sophie purse, along with Norma's fabulous directions on how to do the beaded handles. And other stuff. Again with the nagging about being hungry. Duh, guys...go order take out. This is yarn!

Drawer #5 contains an assortment of stuff. Four skeins of Fantasy Naturale in incredible blue. Mango Moon ribbon. That pretty fluff up front is Classic Elite's Dazzle (I think.) I think it should be named 'Tinkerbelle' because it's that light and sparkly. And then there are things I'd love to give you names for except that dh is sleeping now and I dare not turn the light on. See Stephanie's book, page 41. This applies to almost everything yarn related as well.

I bought this yarn last summer. There are 3 yarn muffins of the bamboo and some horribly huge amount of the Melody (a very skinny railroad-type of yarn) that I swatched together with the intent of making a tank top of some sort, when, after spending scads of money on it I got distracted by some shiney thing. Oops. I'm trying to regain my focus as this will be simply gorgeous knit up. The swatch told me so.

This week I hit (insert obscenely high dollar amount) worth of yarn purchases at my lys, entitling me to a 25% discount on the order of my choice. I purchased the book Lavish Lace because it's so well written and walks you through the process and even though I've knit lace before I like the comprehensiveness of the book and the yarn and patterns as well. In addition, I needed to find something to make as a gift for the woman who will be doing the music at dd's wedding. The price she gave us was below what she charges family (!) because Katy used to babysit for her. We will be paying for her and her dh to spend the night at the hotel where the reception is so they don't have to drive back...but I wanted to do something special for her. She's wonderful. Hence, this lovely Fiesta Yarn's La Boheme. I love the shawl I made for myself and will be doing something for her out of it in this colorway.

For reasons I cannot explain, (this actually means I don't remember...) I wound up pulling both the black and white yarns out of the drawers and giving them their own little containers. Probably my favorite thing in the whole bunch is the French angora puff in white. I cannot bring myself to purchase enough to actually do something with (the skein has 33 yards in it and cost me $8) and the angora fluff attaches itself to everything it comes near. Still, I pet it often and consider it a little gem.

In spite of my distaste for most things acrylic, I purchased this Peter Pan yarn for making baby accessories for a dear friend who will be having her fourth child...a girl! after 3 boys. There's a hank of Lion Brand Fun Fur there too, and I'm not sure whether I'm actually going to use it. I know it can't go on the blankie, but I'm thinking it'd be cute around the top of a hat and booties... The thing that makes this stuff nicer than most acrylic yarn is that it has nylon in it and it is SOFT!

...and Maggie & Riley approve the baby blankie yarn.

Bowing to the more experienced knitters I've read, I decided to purchase some Noro Kureyon. As you can see from the very cool stitch pattern, I'm making "My so-called scarf." I am undecided about how I feel about this. (The yarn, not the pattern.) I had to frog several rows because I wasn't paying close enough attention, and I wound up having to cut a section out because it simply would NOT let go of itself. It tore and snagged...even so, It sure is pretty. Jury's still out for me. I realize that Noro makes many other yarns. AND dd will be living in Okinawa, just a hop, skip and proverbial jump from Japan. (She has become a knitting addict as well, and has promised to search out all the yarn shops and send me the good stuff....)

Finally, a little bit of colorful stuff. I've been playing around with food coloring and yarn, and taking what I've dyed and swatching it all together. As you can see in this photo, there are some fun things you can do with it, and this is only a sample of what I've done. Before I finish this post though, I want to show you something that proves a truism.

Stephanie's bookbookbook is written in a very amusing yet thought-provoking tone. She begins each entry with a quote, relates her anecdote, and ends with a word for the (knitting)wise.

On page 14 she quotes Nevil Shute, one of my favorite authors when I was in my 20s. The quote reads thus:

"No, it wasn't an accident. I didn't say that. It was carefully planned, down to the tiniest mechanical and emotional detail. But it was a mistake."

As I am learning about the process of dyeing wool, I am learning to plan out the details of my dyeing, to pull everything together beforehand, to prepare. But, as Nevil Shute said, it wasn't an accident...but it was a mistake:

'Nuff said.


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous marianne said...

yummy stash! and the cat hugging the yarn is too cute!

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Jenifer said...

What fun stuff you have! Thanks for the link to the Dulaan project, and I love the title of your blog. I just got the book At Knit's End and it's great! :) Jenifer

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Stacey said...

And here I thought that I was organized...I love your storage ideas, I just may need to rearrange my stash a little. The market squares colors you picked out are almost identical to the ones that I picked...great minds really do think alike! Thanks for "flashing" your stash!


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