Friday, April 15, 2005


I am usually only vaguely aware of events that happen outside of my immediate environment because something forces me to be aware. That goes double for something further afield of my line of vision. The event in question is The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Although I have spotted the mounting excitement on the blogs of other knitters, I really have no idea what all the shouting is about. And given that I am in Michigan and it is very unlikely that I will make it to Maryland any time in the (near or distant) future, I've pretty much ignored all the brouhaha.

Now as I was perusing all the updates in Blogger, I came across one of my faves,
The Knitlette , who spoke briefly but movingly about the festival in question. In fact, she went so far as to make a button up to indicate that although she would not be there, she is not in any way, envious of those who will be going (see the button in the sidebar --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->) The button tickled my fancy with all those letters (an unpronounceable acronym if ever I saw one) that stand for I'm Not Going To Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival But I Am NOT Bitter. I'm with her...I'm not bitter either. Perhaps if I actually knew what was going on I would be very bitter. But I'm not. And neither is she. Just go ask her. Go on...see for yourself.

That's all I had to say tonight. Tomorrow I'll tell you the tale of the wedding dress fitting and why there were But I'm not going to humiliate myself about it tonight, for I am not bitter about anything. Almost. But I am tired.



At 3:39 AM, Blogger Knitting Painter Woman said...

Blogger must be constipated. None of your photos seemed to come through. My DD went to a New Hampshire fiber festifal and fell in love with the sheep and alpacas and llamas. Maybe THat's the point.


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