Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunny Sundays Send Spirits Soaring....

How's that for alliteration for you!?

Thanks for suffering me kindly through Friday's sadness. The problem has not only not resolved, but escalated as Michael has seen fit to email dh with some of the most awful invective, full of untruths and painful lying accusations. I think the boy has some real issues. We've decided that the best way to deal is to simply love him with the love of the Lord and ignore the ugliness spewing forth from him, as we know the source.

This afternoon we spent doing wedding invites. Whew! If anyone had ever given me the 411 on what this takes I would have hired a bunch of teenaged girls to help! So many pieces to pull together. And since most of the people coming have no idea where they're going I had to pull together a map. Duh. Dd had already addressed and sealed a dozen. So I made maps and she sealed them again. We will not be able to have a shower for her due to many issues (we're planning a housewarming shower when they get back from Okinawa in 3 years...) so we had to put the stuff in for the places where she has registered.

New envelopes, all around. Again. Glad I ordered extras.

She goes to get fitted for her dress on Thursday. I will likely post a photo as it is simply lovely (and I'm sure y'all want to see, riiight...) and she feels like a fairy princess in it. For the price, I think she oughta feel like Queen Elizabeth (just kidding...she's decades younger than Queen Liz.) Hopefully this will only take one or two fittings. She keeps going outside in the (still very weak, northern) sun to try to get some color. There'll be pictures. I promise. Her fiance doesn't read this. I don't think.

In outdoor news, I have crocuses (crocii?) I took pictures earlier when they were opened, but I guess I got too close because they were blurry. So herewith, nighttime posies. I planted these babies in a perennial garden bed three years ago and have had only greenery until this year, when I have been favored with flowers. I am tickled!

The other fun thing that's happening is that my strawberry patch is greening up again. Last year we had concrete replaced and they tore out more than half of my 5 year old patch. But these guys are one of the few plants that really like the sandy soil up here. They thrive. We have berries all summer, except if we get beaten to them by the chipmunks.

Knitting. Ah, yes, knitting. I remember it well. I have sat down no less than 9 times this weekend to knit and never got further than 1 or 2 rows before something else demanded my attention. Once I hit 'publish' on this post I'm gonna go knit and not let anything else disrupt me. I hope.

Atouria, dear, thanks for the encouragement! I have knit a bit on the sleeves...they actually are on size 8s also, it's just that there are 95 stitches on each sleeve with a cable in the middle of each, so each row tales a looong time, especially when I'm purling back. But there is progress, see? Sleevage.


I'm off to knit some more. Thanks to each and all who stood with me in prayer for my brother. I'm so blessed to know that there are people who are generous enough to put themselves out lay down their lives for someone they don't know.


At 6:23 AM, Blogger Jenanne said...

I'm a weekend late, but we'll include your family in our prayers at dinner this week. I've been there - though in the role of the red-headed stepchild - it isn't easy to be on either side of this fence I expect. Patience and prayer are the only cures I know.

Can't wait to see the dress! I just love weddings!!

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Atouria said...

Woohoo! Go, go gadget sleeves! I'm sure that PLC (pretty lil' cable) running down the sleeve takes some extra time. I've reached some increases on my sleeves and the weekend's over, so my sleeves will get a serious slow down.

I feel your pain on the wedding invitations. I did all mine in calligraphy. Did I read ya right? Are you having to do them all twice over? Maybe I don't feel your pain quite as much as I did when you did them all once. Yikes!

Things will get better with Michael. I think you are doing well to give him positive attention and ignore the rest. Maybe he will see that a positive light will do him better.

Your flowers are looking great! Nothing like some purple popping out of the ground to cheer ya up! I hope my gardens come in well this year.


ps. I want to see that dress, too!


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