Saturday, May 07, 2005

So here are the photos already. LOTS of photos. Dialup connections, prepare to stall.

Before I made it to Kalamazoo, I met Sharon at Threadbear in Lansing. What a lovely, gracious woman! I got lost (get a sign out by the street, guys!) riding up and down the same street before I finally stopped and asked a local. Sharon kindly waited for more than an hour after I said I'd be there. Not everybody would do that for someone they'd never met. You're wonderful, Sharon! And what a cool thing to finally meet another knitblogger!
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I took almost twenty photos of the yarn in the shop, and not one was a duplicate. There's just that much yarn in there. Dd Kate says that they should advertise as "The Mecca of the Knitting World." Rob told me that I absolutely could not take his photo, but I snapped him anyway. I won't post it though, as I really do want to be welcome there again.

This is a sample that Sharon knit up. She helped the guys when they first arrived and is a regular. How wonderful...kinda like Cheers...Threadbear...where everybody knows your name...and favorite yarn.
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One more pic of the shop before we move on. If you've never been here, it's a must. Any trip to Michigan would be a waste without a visit to this yarn shop. Here's Kate sittin' and knittin' while I wandered the store, yarnstruck. I will only add that my purchases did not climb into the 3-digit range...that is all.
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So we arrived in Kalamazoo, checked in at our hotel, had only enough time to get changed and ran out. As soon as we walked in the door of the Athena Book Shop, I started snapping pictures. Here's 1/2 of the crowd.
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Here's the other half. I don't know who this woman is, but why isn't she smiling? She's in the front row! (Edit 5/8: she doesn't like having her picture taken. I'm sorry, dear lady. Had I known, I would've edited you out. Please accept my apology.)
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The lady with the green yarn around her neck is Amy of Jehovah Jireh Farms, Someday she will teach me to spin. I don't know her but I like her already. Go visit...she sells exotics and rovings and handspun.

Here's whatcha really came to see...Stephanie. And Susan Ramsey, aka Rams (of the comments). Susan teaches fiber arts at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art and also works at the Athena Book Shop. And she's a FOS (friend of Stephanie.) Awesome woman. I wanna be like her when I grow up.
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I lifted my camera to snap this picture as she was snapping a picture of the crowd. Her comment: "How cool! We're blogging each other!"
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Later, I told her that I was gonna beat her to the blog because I had wifi in my hotel room (see last post for how that worked out..not.) She told me that was unlikely as she had her laptop set up in the back room at the book store and she was going to have a go at it immediately. Go look. As of this moment she has not posted. OTOH, she's at the Maryland Sheepy-Festivalish Thingie having fun with knitters, bloggers, livestock and yarn and stuff.

When Stephanie was done speaking, everybody lined up to have their books signed. I don't do lines very well, so I found a seat and waited to be last. Whilst I was sitting there knitting, I noticed the stuff that people in the line were working on. So I took pictures.

This is Toni. She's working on a baby blanket/knit quilt, using triangles. Yes, this looks like fabric quilting, but I assure you, it's knitted. This is more amazing than the picture conveys. She designed this and I think she's very talented.
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This is Elizabeth. She's knitting socks for (Civil War? Ren Faire?) re-enactments. I love the knitting pouch she's wearing. Another handy and talented knitter. And she attempted to aid and abet me in my stash acquisition by giving me the names and addresses of every yarn shop in western Michigan. I was duly MasterCard was not. C'est la vie. Thanks, Elizabeth!
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This is Carina. Yes, she knitted that sweater. Gorgeous, eh? And she's opening a yarn shop in Battle Creek very soon. Email her regarding opening (, then go visit (and buy!) when you're in the area.
She helped me to not get lost going back to my hotel. She's really smart and she knows a lot. I wish her great success in her woolish endeavor.
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This is Tracy and that is her booga bag. She, a responsible knitter, followed the pattern. It turned out beautifully. I, on the other hand (to add to the list of my inconsistencies and assorted peccadilloes) have a problem following patterns. My booga bag does NOT look like that. I'll post it some day when the blog is once again about my knitting.
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This is Megan, and her honey, Guy. Guy is a really brave man who gets my award for being the most wonderful husband in the world. What's that on his head? Why, a Knitting Fryup, of course!
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Erin, Cara, and Stephanie. Cara won (no actual prize, but a great deal of astonishment...) for being the person who travelled furthest. She came all the way from Iowa.
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Lynne, (and...who is this she's with? I should know, though I don't think we were introduced...) with whom I met up at Threadbear...unexpectedly! We were planning to meet for dinner in K'zoo, but that fell through because I was...late. As usual. I think I probably need to blog about ADHD and time perception some day...
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Here is the lovely Janella. Although the picture is fuzzy, you can make out that she is holding a) an exquisite felted bag of her own making and b) a fair isled sock with a fantastic heel. Awesome work.
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I actually took this picture of Nancy before everything started but I just found it. She was wearing an amazing scarf with, they looked like jewels! on the fringes. A kit, she said. Magic, more likely, I think. She was making more magic with her needles too, knitting lace.
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And finally, the benefit of being last...I got to sit and chat (albeit for but a moment) with the one and only Yarn Harlot. She was tired. This is new stuff to her, leaving home, bouncing from state to state (country to country!) not knowing what time zone she's in, still a little unsure of all the adulation. She's real people.
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Stephanie, this picture makes you look neither drunk nor angry. Really, you photograph better than you think. Honest. And those pants...just like SJP. Honest.

And then she was off to the Maryland thingie where so many people did not get to go and are sad and bitter and disillusioned and...and...

Thanks for coming to Michigan, Stephanie. Thanks for setting it up, Rams...and to all the people I took pictures of whom I didn't credit...forgive me. I'm just one, lone knitblogger.

Tomorrow: what I brought home with me ~and~ what was waiting for me when I got home. Yarn p*rn of the worst sort.


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Atouria said...

Wow! It looks like you had an awesome time Snooze! I can't believe how many people you remembered and even linked! There's no way I could have done that without printing out pics and writing names and addresses on the spot!

I can't wait to see that yarn stash. I'm impressed that you didn't hit triple digits!



At 9:14 AM, Anonymous heather said...

You are so lucky! Glad you had a fab time! Thanks for all the pictures, it's like I got to go afterall.
Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Lillium said...

Super pics - thanks for posting them!

At 4:32 PM, Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

It was so great to meet you & your daughter, thanks for the pics.

Beautiful scarf. :)

Happy Mother's Day.

Cara & Erin
(No we don't normally comment together... :) )

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Carina said...

Your pics are great!!! We all had so much fun with Stephanie, didn't we? It was packed in there and hot, but it was so much fun to get with other knitters I'd never met and see friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

Amy Francisco has the nicest roving for the spinners out there at (and she also sells her lovely handspun for those who don't like to spin it themselves). She is a super nice person and really worth getting to know.

I think Elizabeth does Ren Faire, but she might do Civil War stuff too. She is an awesome knitter!!!

The lady in the front row with the white poncho is Carol, and she doesn't like getting her picture taken, which is probably why she's not smiling. She is a lovely person who often clerks at Just Knit It in Kalamazoo at Gull and Sprinkle (a cute little shop with a nice owner--who was there, too).

My shop will be in Battle Creek this fall (about an hour south of Threadbear), and it'll be called Riverwalk Yarns, as it'll be downtown not far from the river walk (which they call the linear trail, but I think that's a silly name--of course it's linear). It will be between Shrenk's Cafeteria (an old-style home-cooked cafeteria place with really good food--soul food on Fridays that smells so yummy) and Arcadia Brewing Company, a nice place to eat or even drop a SO off to wait for ya. ;) Like Stephanie says in her book, yarn shops should be next to bars, and I agree. *giggle*

It was so much fun meeting you, Susie, and your lovely daughter. How sad she's moving so far away! I hope that boy knows how good he's got it! I hope you made it back to the hotel okay and had an easy time in Kalamazoo--one of the best small cities in America, if I do say so myself. ;)

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Stinkerbell said...

oh I am so jealous...



And then theyarntheyarntheyarn!!!

Lucky lady :)

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Judith said...

Thank you very much for the gorgeous pictures. For all Stephanie's many fans who won't have the opportunity of attending any of the book tour events.
You did a great job.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Great pictures. I'm eternally sad that Michigan and Threadbear are nowhere near Connecticut!

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Birdsong said...

And thanks to you for all the great photos... I live in a very rural part of NoCal, and never get to go to these fun knitting gatherings, so I have to live vicariously. I may have to go get a hotel room when Stephanie comes to the west coast, as I am missing out on the fun. I love the name of your blog, and won't forget it now that I have located you.

At 5:48 PM, Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, I'm so late with all my blogging and reading and catching up. This post is SO COOL! You did such a wonderful job with the pictures and documentation and, oh, I think it's my new favorite story.

I love the pics of you guys blogging each other -- and wow, I'll bet your stats ARE through the roof today. Get ready for an everyday increase, too, because you're just wonderful and everyone will see that and keep comin' back.

I've vacationed in the U.P. before, maybe it's time to plan another Michigan get-away...

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Megan said...

Hey, that's me in one of your photos! I'm the lucky girl with a husband who is proudly wearing his fry up hat! He actually begged me to make him one after I showed him the pattern, and how could I refuse a chance to see him wear bacon on his head? We unfortunately were extremely late due to construction and missed most of Stephanie's talk, but at least we got our book signed and got to show off the Fry Up.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Snooze said...

Thank you all so much for visiting and wading through all the pictures. It was a *very* cool time in Kalamazoo. I'm hoping that Stephanie will come back (perhaps to Threadbear in Lansing?) for her bookbookbook2 tour...

Megan! Thanks for speaking up. I've properly credited the Fryup with a link to your blog. And dh Scott has requested one for himself. Who can possibly comprehend the male mind?

Blessings to you all,

At 8:22 PM, Blogger margene said...

Harlot,Sharon, and Threadbear, too!
You are one lucky ducky. Great post and fun to read.


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