Friday, May 06, 2005

Ultratech and the Harlot and Me

Dh Scott was apparently thinking about my pilgrimage to Kalamazoo to see The Harlot this evening (dd and I get to spend the night there too, so we can go out with others for coffee etc. afterward!) Here's a snippet of our conversation:

Dh: "So you're going to this shindig down in K'zoo. (He said shindig! LOL) Are you taking your (new) laptop? There'll be wifi that you can hook up to and you'll be able to blog tonight right afterwards."

Me: "Mmmmfffph." (I was still asleep. Why did he wake me up at 6:30am? I'd only been asleep for about 3 hours. Oh. Right. The laptop. The laptop???)

Dh: "You know, I can rig the camera card reader to the USB port in the laptop and you can put the pictures on your blog tonight too."

Me: "Mmmmmmfffffph." (I was STILL asleep. He apparently was getting into this whole idea of blogging immediately afterwards.)

Dh: "Ya know, you can take this to the bookshop with you and blog live...and I'll send some blank disks so you can copy photos for everyone before they leave and...and..." (I need to wake up. This is going too far.)

Me: "Coffee. Coffee." (Blog on site? Live? As Stephanie is speaking? Fer cryin' out loud...I can blog or I can knit...and I'm going to see a (now) world famous knitter! Whadda you think I'm gonna be doing?)

Me: "Thanks, honey."

So I'm laptop and all the assorted cables and doohickeys and stuff and I guess the next installment of this blog will be from my hotel room. I am NOT wasting listening/knitting time by having a computer in my lap.

There's enough time for that later.


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