Friday, June 03, 2005

Home to ourselves again. Now without photos.

On the heels of taking Pammi to the airport, my mother-in-law arrived to pick up her kitty and spend the night (we kittysit Velvet when Mom travels.)

Amazingly, they all let me sleep until 9am (!) this morning and when I awoke the house was all but empty and eerily quiet. I wandered around not knowing what to do until I hit the coffeepot (I always know what to do there.) Coffee and a little knit and then the day began in earnest with one of the cats informing me loudly and repeatedly that there was no food.

During her all-too-brief stay here, Pammi blessed us by teaching us scrapbooking. ::::le sigh. Another expensive hobby:::: Katy's new almost-mother-in-law spent a great deal of time and effort putting together a book about Mike's childhood, right up to a page announcing their engagement and wedding invites. She presented this work of art (as indeed it is worthy of being called...) to Katy, telling her to add pages about her childhood etc. Well, we had virtually nothing with which to do this, and a huge box of unsorted (and, gasp! undated) photos. Pammi spent a day (in between her knitting ) helping Katy organize, shop and pick out goodies for the book, and set up the pages. Thank you so much, Pam! It couldn't have been done without you.

Speaking of my sweet sister, go visit her new blog, Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!!! and see what else I got her addicted to! Tell her I sent you. She's brand-y new at this, and you'll notice a distinct similarity to my blog in the first two posts, but she's already figured Bl*gger out and has pictures of her stuff, including her boys wearing her FOURTH FO (4 in just 7 days. How can I ever hope to keep up?) Please make her feel welcome! (Thanks guys...)

Don't have too much else to add except that our trip to Lansing to return Pammi to the airport was punctuated by the sound of a rapidly ringing cash register at Threadbear. I bought something I'm not ready for...some ready-to-spin, combed alpaca top. I know now that this is *not* for beginners (I'm not even a beginner yet) but I had to have this. I have an alpaca fetish, and this stuff is softer than any alpaca yarn I've ever fondled. I later did the wise thing, going online to order a drop spindle (the guys can't keep 'em in the store, they move so fast) and some merino top to try my hand at. (It can't get here soon enough!) Updates as they occur.

I am still awed at the RAOKs I have received. They are within admiring distance from me (except for the soap, which has made its debut in my soapdish where it is making my hands feel simply soft and wonderful.) Thank you ladies for your thoughfulness and generosity. I can't say it enough.

That's all the news that fits. Knitting content and photos tomorrow (including the Koigu sock I have persuaded Katy to start work on...which she's gaga about now...)

Hugs and happy thoughts to all....


At 2:11 AM, Anonymous laurie said...

*blog-reader delurking*

am soooo jealous of your recent purchase...if it's the same stuff i think it is (the alpaca), that's the reason i started spinning classes at threadbear a couple weeks i can maybe some day do that lovely soft fiber far i've been strong and resisted buying it...but i'm sure it won't be long, especially when i see it tempting me every time i go to the back to spin lol :o)

enjoy reading your blog

At 2:21 AM, Blogger Snooze said...

Hey...thanks for stopping by! But leave some way to thank you personally next time, 'k? You addy, blog addy...something.

I'll post pics of my purchases tomorow. Didn't photograph Pammi's before she shoved them in her suitcase, but they'll likely show up on her blog now.


At 2:58 AM, Anonymous laurie said...

sorry about blog here...i can try leaving an email addy under the blog address link (sorta works but you'll have to prune out the "http://" added by blogger).

am fairly sure we've met at least in passing at the shop...i'm lucky enough to be able to haunt threadbear quite a bit.

will check back tomorrow (today? lol) for pics both here and on pammi's site :o)


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Pammi said...

Thanks Susie,

You have truly blessed me with a new hobbie and hope you and Katie enjoy scrapbooking. Love ya lots.


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