Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I felted, you felted, he, she, it felted, we felted...

Herewith the last of the felting for a good long time. And with good reason.

Remember that pretty homedyed yarn I posted a while ago? I decided to make a little Dulaan hat. Turned out cute, eh? But for some reason it didn't sit quite right. I thought that felting it, while making it smaller (for a littler person) would make it look proper.
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My bad. Felting cause this little hat to lose every single bit of its hatness. It is now a yarmulke for Shrek, as best as I can figure. Nick reluctantly allowed me to photograph him with it on. As a side note, this is the Knitpick's dyeityourself worsted. The orange handdyed purse Pammi made was also from Knitpicks. This yarn seems to take a very long time to felt. This project was an error in knitting nonsense judgment.
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Here, on the other hand, is a happy project. This is the Sophie bag right after completion. Late. Very late. And I still had to felt it immediately.
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Here it is in the morning sun, all felted and happy and almost dry. I had it in mind to use Norma's method of adding the beaded handles, but when I got to the handle knitting I thought it was so cool that I had to try it. I will knit this one again...maybe with beaded handles. This purple one is Patons and Cascade 220 pulled 2 strands at a time.
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And lastly, a gratuitous dh and friend picture...
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At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Heather said...

Oh my gaw, that is the funniest picture! Does he know you put that on the internets for the whole world to see! Ha-ha!
The little hat thing is funny too. Bummer though!
Your Sophie looks great! I like the color. Why no more felting? Don'tchya like it?

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous marianne said...

sorry the hat didn't turn out the way you wanted, but the idea of a yarmulke for Shrek is too funny!

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Marina said...

LOL. Sorry Susie, but that's too funny. The Sophie looks great.

Regarding long felting time, sometimes it helps putting in some bicarbonate of soda or soap powder. This raises the PH which is needed to open up the scales of the yarn.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Pammi said...

I love the bag, and thanks for the link to it. I am going to try it and then go the knitting store here get the yarn. Love all the pictures. Dh looks so peaceful even though there is a cat in his face. I think the hat is so Nick.

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous Maureen said...

Your Sophie bag looks great. The colours are so rich. Too bad about the hat though.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Moze said...

Shrek? Heck, I know about 17 guys (including DH) who'd be happy to have a yarmulke like that. It's just the right size and shape. Nick looks like he could fit right in with my town.

Just call me Princess Fiona.

At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Laura said...

Oh you live and you learn right?! I still like the colors of the yarn you used for the hat. Maybe you have more nad can try again?

Oh love love love that Sophie bag. I really like what you did with the strap. Purple is my fav. color! What a cute pattern. I'm going to have to make that one eventually.

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Snooze said...

The 'hat' is going to Israel with Moze! I am so excited!


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