Saturday, June 04, 2005

Moving Day is Coming...Eventually...

I'm moving blog hosts...slowly. I've only begun to comprehend what this new blog is capable of, and so, have only transferred a few recent posts over. I've got a coupla links from my Bl*gger sidebar, but I have so much more to learn.

Having said that, here's the link to my new home. Just as we took a month in two houses so we could clean and pack one before we left, and paint and prep the other before we moved in, that's what I'm doing right now...only I have to figure out where to get the paint and how to use the rollers and where the heck I put the dropcloths...if you catch my drift. I know that I can now host photos on my site instead of at PhotoB*cket, but I don't know how...yet. I know I can post the code for all the rings I belong to, but I can't figure out how...yet. And I may wind up changing (or even creating anew!) the skin of the site as Rox says it reminds her of the Partridge Family...any comments on that one? (I just liked the bright colors....)

It's very, very late and I need to sleep but I've been playing around with the new blog and want some feedback. The content isn't new, obviously, as I just carried old posts over to see if I could...but the look is...and without the Bl*gger issues.

Cya in the morning!

Late edit: Clicking on the link to my new blog will no longer take you to the Partridge Family scene. I changed the layout completely. Still have lots to do, but I think I like this one better...looks like I'll have a little more flexibility. Rox, thanks for being so kind while I came to the realization of how just plain wrong it was.


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous heather said...

I like the bright colors! I have to say I envy you, being able to do all that html stuff. I have a "Dummy" book that I use when I need it, but fortunately Typepad does it all for me. Whew!
Anyway, looks great so far! Good luck with it, I can't wait to see it ready to go!
I'm so jealous you went back to Threadbear! And the fact you are going to be spinning! Alpaca is my favorite too.
Have a good weekend!

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the layout, but the colors are something, just not sure I would say Partridge Family.
I went to welcome Pammi, but her blog doesn't take anon comments and I don't want to sign up to blogger just to drop notes. Tell her welcome for me?


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